Virginia Museum of Natural History Education through scientific inquiry

For its 25 year history, scientists at the Virginia Museum of Natural History have been actively engaged in excavations and research at sites both in Virginia and in other states. Beyond the inherent value for scientific research, this research provides educational opportunities for students of all ages to learn about basic geologic and paleontologic principles, as well as learning to think through and evaluate scientific problems.

Below you will find classroom interactive units which focus on content from these research sites. Each site is subdivided into elementary level (intended for grades K-5) and secondary level information (intended for a mixed audience of high school or introductory college; middle school teachers can look through each to see which is most suitable for your students.).

This is a public beta version of the site, so we ask that you please contact us with suggestions for modes of presentation or content requests.

Martin Marietta’s Carmel Church Quarry

This is a unique site in terms of both the types of sediments preserved as well as the fossils found.

ELEMENTARY LINK - Informational pages about the site and teacher pages with classroom activities.

SECONDARY LINK - Informational pages about the site and discussion starters for use in class. Teacher pages have potential discussion formats and possible answers.

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